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How does Fetfap Work

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  • Completely FREE!
  • Save, Post & Share Stuff Directly or from the Web!
  • No Need for an Invite!
  • Adults Only!
  • Follow Your Favorite Users & Boards
  • Chat it up & Interact
  • Social Sharing & Embeds
  • Social Logins (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook & More)

How to Get Started

  1. Create your free user account on
  2. Customise your profile when you’re ready
  3. Find, Share, Post, Upload and Collect the filthiest adult content from the net!
  4. Enjoy!

How it Works

Our community is all about interacting, sharing and engaging with other like minded individuals and to do that we’ve made sure to include all the features you’ve come to love such as the ability to upload from your computer, mobile devices, tablets and more!

On top of that you can post content that you find anywhere on the web that you enjoy by utilizing our browser tool aka our bookmarklet (which you can find here) that you’ll be able to access from within your account. After all we are an adult community!

As you post from the web we automatically save the Source URL so the creator always gets the credit they deserve! Check out the graphic below to see what we mean:

To keep everything organized, you can create topic specific boards or blogs to collect all the stuff you don’t want to forget about.

What are you Waiting for?

The best way to really get grasp on how easy it is to use our site is to jump right in and give it a try. Create your free account and start fapping today!

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