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As you can see, my addictions to BBW, interracial porn and sissy hypno’s has kinda dones sumthin to me. I began female hormones and became a gainer/feedee. I has gained ova 100 lbs that went to femme areas on my body. I’m not a male anymo. I now be a curvy soft PHAT Black cock craving Bimbo fuck pig. I do anythin I be told by Black men fo they pleashas and uses. I now be nothin mo than a filthy shameless nasty sex pig fo BBC use and abuse. Aren’t you happy fo me?? I now have sum sense of purpose.

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    Mount me and use me like you own mebannerfans_1240375
    You can gets both fo 65.00 when ya pay in cashbannerfans_1237068
    I’m ready to be sold and serve
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