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    June 15 2020 S.C, 13.5 Mmarsha says:I  up thinking I should deactivate everything ,but lets see if that happens.



Oops looks like a SissyMmarsha cock craving slut day! he he!

  June 14 2020 S.C, 13.5 Mmarsha says: I seem to be slowly evolving with each new day the process for me is at a snails pace on a piece of glass slowly sliding along only able to gauge the progress by looking back over theses past months.

Purging even a small amount is now impossible! 



June 13 2020 S.C, 13.5 Mmarsha says: Good morning gurl 

friends Today is more intense then yesterday was.




June 12 2020 S.C, 13.0 Mmarsha says: I Just gets more sissy everyday, and loving it. So much June 11 2020 S.C, 11.0 Mmarsha says: Sissy mountain high, up Sissy mountain we go, lets see what happens today! Quitting time and SissyMmarsha wants to suck cock badly! This episode is going to cum to a dangerous climax.

I can feel it.



      June 10 2020 S.C, 11.0 Mmarsha says: There is no going back the writing is on the picture……… No turning back Sissy!


June 09 2020 S.C, 10.5 Mmarsha says: June 08 2020 S.C, 10.5 Mmarsha says: Hey gurls glad to be back I miss all my sissy friends. I am kinda thinking this might be getting close to getting down with it. I am so delirious with this Sissy stuff, “I just want to get it over with”!


June 07 2020 S.C, 9.5 Mmarsha says: SissyMmarsha grows stronger each day again, I Want…………………………to suck cock so bad this is going to be a a sissy tidal wave.  June 06 2020 S.C, 8.5 Mmarsha says: I keep cuming back, just no way to stop the ever magnetic Cock!


 June 05 2020 S.C, 8.5 Mmarsha says: Wow being  a  Sissy is never ending



June 03 2020 S.C, 7.5 Mmarsha says:Four days for a purge thats a record. May 30 2020 S.C, 10.5 Mmarsha says: There is no going b

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