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Cherry Daniels

I am a very sensual cross-dresser, interested in getting to know other girls and men. I live in a small town south of Rochester New York and I host clean fun people. I love being a submissive, and I love pleasuring men. I enjoy hugging, kissing, nibbling, licking, touching, and much more. I love giving blowjobs to completion, and I have been known to sit on daddy's lap, letting him penetrate me. I'm kinky as hell, love - playing with dolls, Mommy/Daddy role play, being spanked, being dominated, jerking off and eating my cum, rimming clean ass, exposing myself! It would be incredible to find myself at the center of group bukkake suck and fuck, being ass fucked bare and swallowing loads of sperm! I dig being here, and I love every one of you and hope to hear from some of you soon. Kisses. I host sex with men, sissies and women who dominate. I suck cock. Swallow cum. Love bareback anal. I’m a faggot sissy whore! P.S. I leave my door unlocked and ajar at night so you hot guys will visit me in the dark. You come and I suck you and swallow. You leave and I never knew what you look like. Kisses!




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